Prof. Roberto Mazzola did PhD at the University of Milan. He has been Professor at the University of Turin and now is Full Professor of Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Piemonte Orientale where he teaches: Law and Religion and Intercultural Law. He was been Visiting professor at the University of Paris XI, « Faculté de Droit et Economie Jean Monnet », and at Law School of University of Wien. LawHe’s Member of the Scientific Committee of the “Forum internazionale ed europeo di Ricerche sull’immigrazione” (FIERI) and he has been also Director of “Forum Internazionale Democrazia&Religioni” (FIDR). He’s working inside of European Consortium Church and State Research and he is coordinating the international project Primed.

He has carried out research on Security and Religion in European Law System; Relationship between Religion and Democracy particularly through the case law of the European Court Human Rights. Finally, he has been his researches about topic of Religion and Migrations.