What it means to be human is a matter of renewed urgency today. As we are pressed by advances in technology and biology, on the one hand, and by rapid social and political change, on the other, theology and religious studies promise a space of reflection, perspective, and new possibilities. Funded by grants from the Luce Foundation and the Office of the Vice Provost at Indiana University Bloomington, the Center for Religion and the Human supports interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research on religion which attends to these new realities while being rooted in IUB’s traditions of excellence in humanist, social-scientific and historical scholarship.

More recently, in addition to its continued work on the Being Human project, CRH has taken up the above challenges of earth-justice and social and political justice by attending to race and anti-Black violence, and by thinking carefully about the unique — and, indeed, foundational — possibilities that Black religion affords for rethinking the human, rethinking justice, and ultimately thinking the world otherwise.

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