PriMED (Prevention and Interaction in the Trans – Mediterranean Space) is the main prevention of religious radicalization project promoted by the Italian Government and the first remarkable Italian’s investment in such a central issue. The PriMED network involves twelve Universities from Italy and ten Universities form countries that are part of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. The network activities aims to foster the interaction between religions in the urban contexts, and to promote social inclusion and participation programmes.From an interdisciplinary point of view, PriMED deals with the need of knowledge and practice related to the integration processes and the contrast to radicalization. The general goals of PriMED are:
1) scientific cooperation between Italy and OIC Countries on integration and anti – radicalization through the inter-university network of students, scholars and academics 
2) Main actors Training on  integration policies and anti-radicalization strategies (regional and local authorities; territorial government offices; penitentiary authorities; schools, healthcare structures, economic operators)
3) religious leaders training to enhance their potential role as a bridge between religious communities and the State.

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